The Advantages of Commercial Packaged Air Conditioning Units

July 21st, 2014

Making it through a summer in Atlanta requires the steady services of an air conditioner—and that goes double for businesses, which have to look after the comfort needs of staff, customers, and clients in areas much larger than most homes.

You have a number of different options for commercial HVAC installation in North Atlanta, GA, so make sure that you make the best choice possible with the assistance of specialists. Since you will need to have professional installers involved eventually, call up Comfort Zone Heating & Air and speak to our commercial experts for guidance as soon as you know you need new installation. Our technicians will help you pick out the right air conditioning unit for your company that will keep you and all your employees and customers comfortable.

Packaged AC Units and How They Can Benefit You

One of the most popular types of commercial air conditioning units is the packaged AC. What makes these different from the standard “split” ACs you often see in homes is that the packaged AC doesn’t have a separate outdoor and indoor cabinet with different components contained in each. All the components are housed in a single outdoor cabinet, which is usually installed on the roof of a business.

Here are some of the major benefits of a packaged air conditioner:

  • Powerful cooling loads: Packaged air conditioners have some of the largest cooling capacities available in single units. Even if there isn’t a solo unit that can handle the full cooling needs of your business, you can easily add on additional units since these systems are designed to be modular.
  • Easy access for repairs and maintenance: Packaged units are among the easiest of systems to repair and maintain because technicians only need to access the single cabinet to perform most of the work. This also reduces the amount of disruption to your business that repair visits can cause—almost all of the repairs will occur on the roof.
  • Space saving: Without the need for an indoor unit, and with the units placed up on the roof, you’ll have valuable space freed up for your business. This arrangement is also much more visually appealing, and it removes clutter from the outdoor areas at ground level.

Keep in mind that a packaged air conditioning system is only as good as its installation. Make sure that you only hire experienced contractors with a history of working on commercial HVAC installation in North Atlanta, GA. Call Comfort Zone Heating & Air and find out more about our commercial services and the possibilities for packaged air conditioning units for your business.

Qualities of Ductless Split Air Conditioning

July 15th, 2014

If you are adding air conditioning to your home, but you do not have any ductwork installed, you may think your options are limited. Window air conditioners lack the performance and efficiency of central air conditioners, but what choice do you have? Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are a unique, powerful, energy-saving solution that can be retrofitted or added to a new home or single room without any ducts at all!

Ductwork installation is can be impractical in older homes, multi-family housing, or homes with difficult layouts. Furthermore, if installed incorrectly, your faulty ducts can account for a lot of energy losses during the cooling season. Air can easily escape through the ducts, using energy to cool your attic or crawlspace, and costing you extra money every month.

Ductless mini splits, however, never run into this problem, and for a simple reason: no ducts! As with central AC, ductless split air conditioning systems have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. However, the indoor unit (or rather the multiple indoor units depending on the size of your home) is a powerful air handler that can be mounted on the wall of a room or suspended from the ceiling.

Ductless split air conditioning is powerful enough to cool one or several rooms, but far more efficient than many other systems. They often come with a higher price tag every month, but the energy savings may be worth it. Ductless many splits usually have a much higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) than central AC units, which means you’ll see significant savings on your energy bill every month.

One benefit of ductless air conditioning is zone control. You can control which rooms receive air conditioning and how much, adjusting the temperature in each separate zone with separate thermostats or a master thermostat that controls all zones. This can increase your family’s comfort and allow you to save energy by deciding whether to cool the entire home or only the rooms that are occupied.

To discuss ductless split air conditioning systems with a professional HVAC service company, call Comfort Zone Heating & Air today to schedule installation in Atlanta.

Air Conditioning Installation Upgrades

July 10th, 2014

If your air conditioning unit is finally ready for retirement, you may be curious about your options. While a technician could simply perform the necessary installation and leave, you may want to include further upgrades that could benefit your home and your AC for the life of the system.

If you need air conditioning installation service in Ball Ground, GA, talk to a professional AC technician about one of the following upgrades.

Upgrading the Entire System

If only one component of your split AC system, such as your outdoor unit, needs replacement, you might want to save money by replacing only that unit, but this might not be the best idea. Recently, standards of efficiency and performance have been raised, and newer components throughout your system will likely save you money by preventing the need for future repairs and lowering your energy bills. Ultimately, you may lose money by keeping an older indoor unit that could run into problems when paired with a newer outdoor unit.


During your new air conditioning installation, you may consider asking about whole house dehumidifiers. During the humid Georgia summer, it can be tough to keep cool, even indoors. While your new air conditioner helps to reduce the amount of humidity in your house, it may not have the power to reduce humidity to an ideal level. A dehumidifier will help keep the humidity bearable in your home. Because you feel cooler with lower humidity levels, you’ll most likely be able to raise the thermostat too.

A New Thermostat

If you rely on a manual thermostat to turn on your AC and detect the temperature of your home, you may actually be losing money. These thermostats are not always accurate, and you cannot set them to turn on and off when you are away. When you upgrade your air conditioner, ask the technician to install a new thermostat as well. You can set it to turn on and off automatically when you are not home to avoid cooling an empty house. You can also set the temperature higher during the cooler parts of the day.

Comfort Zone Heating & Air has everything you need for the latest upgrades and for air conditioning installation in Ball Ground, GA. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment with us.

The Famous Painting of the Declaration of Independence Isn’t What You Think It Is

July 4th, 2014

If you grew up in the United States, you probably first saw John Trumbull’s painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence in an elementary schoolbook. This oil-on-canvas 12’ x 18’ painting hangs in the rotunda of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. It is one of the most famous symbols of freedom in the country and almost every citizen can conjure it from memory.

Except… the painting isn’t of the singing of the Declaration of Independence. The actual title of the work is Declaration of Independence, and although it does portray an important moment in the history of the document that announced the Thirteen Colonies’ decision to break away from British rule, the event in the painting occurred on June 28, 1776, not July 4, 1776.

John Trumbull, a Connecticut native who fought in the Revolutionary War and whose father was the state governor, was commissioned to create the painting in 1817. He did painstaking research on the figures in the picture and also visited Independence Hall to see the actual chamber where the Second Continental Congress met. Trumbull only included 42 of the original 56 signers, because he could not find adequate likenesses for 14 or them, and added a few figures who were not present (most of whom declined to sign the actual document). In fact, the men depicted in the painting had never been present in the same room at one time.

So if the painting does not portray the signing of the Declaration of Independence, what is happening in the image? The Trumbull’s scene depicts the presentation of the draft of the declaration to the Continental Congress for editing and approval. The five-man drafting committee (John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert R. Livingston, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin) is handing over their finished work, which congress would then edit carefully over the next few days before voting on it and signing it on the day that we now celebrate as the start of the United States of America.

One last, odd, fact: two of the five-man drafting committee, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on July 4th—although many years later.

Our family at Comfort Zone Heating & Air hopes that your Fourth of July (or Twenty-Eighth of June if you decided to start celebrating early) is a memorable and happy one.

Possible Reasons for a Drop in AC Cooling Power

June 27th, 2014

As our daytime temperatures average around 90 degrees, no one wants to think about the possibility of experiencing problems with their air conditioner. Unfortunately, summer is the time of year when your AC runs the most, so it is also the most likely time to experience a breakdown. There can be multiple reasons for a decrease in cooling with your North Atlanta, GA property, so one recommendation we give to all our customers is that whatever is happening with your air conditioner, always call a trusted technician like the ones at Comfort Zone Heating & Air to repair your air conditioning system.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Decrease in Cooling Power

There are certain repairs that we see fairly often at Comfort Zone Heating & Air that can cause a decrease in your cooling power:

  • Low refrigerant level – the refrigerant level in your air conditioner is designed to stay at a steady amount for the life of your AC. When the refrigerant level is low, it can be so for only two reasons: the initial charge at installation was not correct or there is a leak in the system. In either case, refrigerant repairs are not DIY jobs, so it’s important to have a qualified technician address any issues with your refrigerant.
  • Dirty air filter – the air filter in your air conditioner should be changed every 1-3 months. When it isn’t changed, it can become clogged and restrict air flow, creating problems with the heat release and cooling process within your system.
  • Problems with the fans – the fans help with air flow and the heat release and cooling processes. The fans can experience issues with the motors, fan belts and fan blades; when any of these problems affect the spinning of the fans, both air flow and the heat release process can be affected.
  • Faulty ductwork – it is estimated that faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of air loss within an air conditioning system. Ductwork can develop broken seals, cracks, holes and disconnections, all of which mean cool air is escaping through these outlets before it gets into your home.

We are just about to the heavy heat of summertime, a time when no one wants to deal with air conditioning repair in North Atlanta. However, it’s better to address a potential issue before it can blossom into something much bigger, so if you are feeling a drop in your air conditioning, call Comfort Zone Heat & Air today and schedule an appointment with us.

Common Tools Used in Duct Repair

June 20th, 2014

To protect the integrity of the ductwork in your home, you will occasionally need to schedule repair work on the ventilation system. Leaking ducts will cause a drop in air pressure, leading to a loss of heating and cooling and a drain on power, and will also result in the infiltration of dust, dirt, and other contaminants into the ventilation system. With the help of professional duct repair in Atlanta, GA from the skilled team at Comfort Zone Heating & Air, you can have your ductwork restored to airtight condition.

When you suspect that you are losing air pressure from your ducts, call us first for testing to see where you will need sealing. After a thorough inspection, we’ll use the best tools available to repair your ducts.

Here Are Some of the Tools We use on duct repair

  • Duct leak tester: This is an essential tool for locating where repair needs are necessary in the first place. The technicians turn on your HVAC system and check along the ducts with this device, which consists of a fan and a pressure sensor. The leak tester will find where air pressure is escaping from the ducts and how much. This will tell the technicians where to target their repairs and what methods will work.
  • Mastic sealant: This is a common way of sealing up breaches and holes along ducts. Mastic is a resin-based sealant that dries fast but remains flexible so that it won’t crack because of the ducts moving due to changes in temperature. The smooth finish of mastic also means there is less air resistance. Duct repair technicians apply mastic using a special caulking gun.
  • Metallic tape: Some duct repair specialists prefer using metallic tape (the true “duct tape”; cloth-backed “duct tape” is not actually for ducts) over mastic sealant because it creates an actual mechanical seal. Metallic tapes are durable and will last for many years, and have high resistance to the temperature extremes inside the ventilation system.

In cases of extremely old ductwork, repairs may have to be more extensive and involve replacing sections of the ducts with new ones. If you are experiencing a general drop in efficiency in your HVAC system, you may need to have duct replacement work done. Ask the specialists after they perform testing what your best options are.

Comfort Zone Heating & Air is available for all your ventilation needs, any time of the day or night. Contact us today for duct repair in Atlanta, GA, as well as duct replacement and insulation services.

Possible Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On

June 13th, 2014

Here’s a scenario you don’t want to encounter on a hot summer day: an air conditioner that won’t switch into cooling mode (the compressor doesn’t come on) or won’t turn on at all (not even the fans turn on). However, you shouldn’t panic: with the assistance of professional Atlanta, GA air conditioning repair experts on the job, you should have your AC’s power restored in no time.

Although there are a few cases where a simple user error can account for air conditioning failure, in most cases you shouldn’t attempt to repair an AC on your own or hire amateurs to do it. Air conditioners are complex devices that need the work of specialists to repair them. Call Comfort Zone Heating & Air for the help you need. You can reach our team 24/7.

Reasons an Air Conditioner Won’t Come On

  • Tripped circuit breaker: Whenever an electrical appliance in your home suddenly fails, always check the circuit breaker panel first to see if a tripped breaker has cut the power. If it has, reset it and try the appliance again. The error may only be temporary. If your air conditioner continues to trip the circuit breaker, however, then you need to have repair technicians investigate possible trouble with the electrical system and improper voltage.
  • Thermostat error: A thermostat can make or break an air conditioner. Even a minor miscalibration will cause the thermostat to read temperatures incorrectly and fail to turn the AC on when it should. If the thermostat loses its connection to the air conditioner, it will also fail to turn on the fans or the compressor. Repair specialists can repair the thermostat or replace it as necessary.
  • Failed start capacitor: The start capacitor is responsible for sending the voltage to a motor to get it running. Should the capacitor connected to the compressor fail, the compressor will not turn on. Repairs can replace the failed capacitor.
  • Fixed/burnt-out compressor: Excess stress and eventually cause the compressor to become fixed in place and unable to perform its function. Repairs can sometimes get it moving again. A more serious issue is a compressor that has burnt-out due to overheating. There is usually no choice for a repair technician in this case except to arrange to have the whole compressor replaced.

You won’t want to hesitate when your air conditioning system won’t turn on. You can’t trust that the system will somehow fix itself in a few hours: it won’t, and if you keep trying to run the AC, you risk the problem spreading and creating a larger, more expensive repair.

For fast response service to help with your troubles with air conditioning in Atlanta, GA, make the call to Comfort Zone Heating & Air. We are ready around the clock to restore your home’s cooling.

Why is My Water Heater Making a Gurgling Sound?

June 6th, 2014

Here in Atlanta, water heater repair companies have to contend with all kinds of issues, and because few problems associated with your water heater announce themselves overtly, you often have to detect what’s wrong through subtle signals before you can call in a plumber. Your water heater is often tucked into an out-of-the- way location, which is why it pays to check on it periodically and look for signs of trouble. Sounds, in particular, are often a sign of growing problems, and the minute you pick up an unusual noise in your unit, you should give your friendly local plumber a call. For example, let’s take a look at why your water heater is making a gurgling sound, and see how that translates into a need for repairs.

Water in Atlanta is kept reasonably clean by our civic water services, but no system is perfect. In particular, hard water deposits such as calcium and magnesium can slip through the civic filters and enter your water heater. Over time, they can build up on the bottom of the water heater: creating mineral formations at the base of the tank. The gurgling sound arises from water moving through these formations.

Why is that a bad sign? The mineral build-up acts as an insulator between the water in the tank and the burners attempting to warm it. This forces the burners to work harder to properly heat your water, increasing your energy bill in the process. It also subjects the tank itself to extra strain, and if left unaddressed could eventually result in a breach: forcing you to replace the entire tank.

You can avoid this problem by scheduling to have your tank drained and cleaned by the professionals at Comfort Zone Heating & Air. We’ll remove the mineral build-up and stop that gurgling sound as well as restoring efficiency to your unit as a whole. Water heater repair in Atlanta, GA doesn’t come any more reliable than in our hands. If you’re wondering why your water heater is making a gurgling sound, pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

Keep Your Business Open During Commercial HVAC Repair

May 30th, 2014

Do you dread having to schedule repairs for your company’s HVAC system because of the disruption it will cause, both from the work involved and from the time that the important cooling/heating for your workspace will need to shut down? We understand; we’ve been in business of commercial HVAC repair in Atlanta, GA for many years, and we know how much our clients value their companies’ success. We have some suggestions for how you can stay open and keep your company running during times when you need HVAC repairs.

Regardless of your misgivings about repairs, you should never let the discomfort of a malfunctioning HVAC system endanger work productivity or customer/client happiness. Continual discomfort is a far bigger problem than the small disruptions of repairs. Turn to Comfort Zone Heating & Air and we will make the job as smooth and unobtrusive as possible.

Ways to keep your business running during HVAC repair work

  • Make sure to hire commercial specialists: “Just any” HVAC repair won’t do when it comes to commercial jobs. The scope and complexity of commercial systems requires people who have special training. Residential repair technicians are unfamiliar with the rooftop package units (see below) that are the great workhorses of the commercial heating and cooling world. Even more important—at least for keeping your business open during the work—commercial specialists know how to get the work done fast and stay out of the way of your regular operations. True professionals respect your company, workers, and workspace, and will remain as invisible as possible during the repair job.
  • Have rooftop packaged units installed: This requires some forward thinking when it’s installation time. If you still have an older split air conditioning system, consider making the adjustment to a rooftop package unit. These systems house both the evaporator and condenser in one cabinet, so all the key components are on the roof. This makes repairs simple and entirely removed from the actual workspace—and you’ll have more workspace than ever before thanks to getting rid of the indoor air conditioning/heat pump cabinet.
  • Schedule the repairs during off-hours: You can’t control emergency scheduling, but if you have some early warnings that your HVAC system will need to have repair work, make an effort to schedule it during the evening or some time when you either have little need for heating/cooling or only have a small staff on hand. Professional repair companies will offer flexible scheduling because they know how important it is that their clients have the work done when it will cause the least disruption to business.

Our repair technicians are ready when you are

Our team at Comfort Zone Heating & Air is prepared around the clock for the commercial HVAC repair in Atlanta, GA that you need to keep your company running like normal. Protect your business with our skilled work that will get the job done fast and right the first time. Contact us today.

How Refrigerant Creates Cool Air in Your AC System

May 23rd, 2014

Centralized air conditioning systems are a common staple of most households, keeping us cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. When it comes to air conditioning, Ball Ground GA homes couldn’t survive any other way, as our hot, muggy summers can turn any unprotected house into a sauna bath. But as much as we depend on air conditioners, comparatively few of us understand how the cooling process works. It relies on refrigerant, the exact type of which depends on the make and model of your particular air conditioner. Here’s a quick breakdown of how refrigerant creates cool air in your AC system.

The key lies in its ability to transition from a liquid to a gaseous form and back. That facilitates a heat exchange with the surrounding air, which the system can then take advantage of. More specifically, the process works like this:

  • Refrigerant gas passes into a condenser valve, which subjects it to a great deal of heat and pressure.
  • The pressurized gas moves through a series of compressor coils, which bleed the heat out of it and into the surrounding air. The gas reverts to a liquid form, though it is still under a great deal of pressure. The hot air is blown out of your home via vent. (Many air conditioners keep the coils outside the home completely to better facilitate the venting.)
  • The liquid moves into an expansion valve, which releases a set amount into a series of evaporator coils.
  • The liquid evaporates back into a gas, pulling heat from the nearby air in the process.
  • The air is blown into your home with a fan, traveling through a system of ducts.
  • The gas returns to the compressor valve to start the cycle again.

As you may suspect, that’s a delicate and complicated process. And when trouble arises, you can give the experts at Comfort Zone Heating & Air a call. We understand how refrigerant creates cool air in your AC system, and when it comes to fixing issues with their air conditioning system in Ball Ground, GA, residents can trust us to do the job right. Contact us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!